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Cellulose Ether Tile Adhesive

Cement Based
Application Grade Visc. Brookfield RV 2% 20℃ Mpa.S
Cement tile adhesive CM1270 40000-50000
Sprayed cement CM1250 40000-45000
Cement plaster CM8030 30000-35000
Waterproof  mortar CM1230 45000-55000
Fireproof  mortar CM9185 35000-45000
Masonry mortar CM1290 40000-50000
Underwater concrete CM1525 40000-55000
Tile grouts CM3050 20000-30000
Repair mortar CM3045 20000-25000
ETICS/EIFS adhesive CM1820 65000-75000
ETICS/EIFS plaster CM1230 40000-50000
Key Properties
Excellent water retention  & Workability
Sag resistance
Well spraying & Pumping performance
Optimize wetting ability to the substrate
Extends open time and enhance adhesion
Good opening time control

tile adhesive


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